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    duvjeremy: snapchat story 08.17.2015
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    "I like to eat! Everyone says that and you're like 'yeah right sure you do dude' but I mean it, I really do. And I have to eat a lot because I train a lot, I usually average around 2,500 calories a day but there have been times when I'm trying to bulk up that I've had to jack it up to around 4,000. I use Paleta for my meals a lot of the time because I don't like having to cook and measure my own food, and they send great healthy stuff that tastes good... lean proteins, veggies, nuts. I do three meals and two snacks every day.

    On a normal week when I'm not filming I'm going to the gym five days a week, twice a day for two of those days, but I'm the kind of guy who likes going to the gym so I spend a lot of time there voluntarily -- you don't have to dedicate your life to working out to be healthy and fit."

    Get the inside scoop on Jeremy Duvall's workouts as shared with Details Magazine here.

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    today i learned jeremy duvall in the duff is all i want in a man
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    Let me be the first one to say it: if Warner Bros. doesn't tap Jeremy Duvall for the Booster Gold movie, it will be such a waste
    Booster deserves better, and anyway he's too young! I still want Nathan Fillion







    I GUESS?????
    today on celebrity deathmatch
    i mean

    he DOES have the build for it
    a supersuit would probably be the most jeremy's ever worn at once?
    I'm not convinced he's able to wear clothes for more than a couple of hours at a time, maybe he has the opposite of that skin disease where you're allergic to the sun and have to be covered at all times, he's allergic to clothes and when he keeps them on for too long his skin starts to burn
    jeremy duvall is an anti-vampire
    NEW MOVIE IDEA aquaman and booster gold have a superbaby and it's jeremy

    not a superhero it's literally jeremy he is the product of aquaman and booster
    if you came up to me on the street and said hey guess which celebrity is telling people he can communicate with marine life jer would be my first guess tbh
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    some hot cinnamon rolls for your viewing pleasure
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    i watched this kid get pushed into lockers and trash cans and once thrown into a lake in high school and now you're telling me he's this gq motherfucker mixing stripes like it ain't no thing? like imagine if i had stepped up just once and told those asshole bullies to give it a rest because now we'd probably be getting married and flying around on his private jet but instead he's back to being a famous movie star and i'm in a studio apartment with two cats and doritos dust on my pants

    lesson learned: be nice to sad dorky kids in high school because there's a chance they're going to have a magical transformation into a buff hottie and you will regret every decision you made between the ages of 14 and 18 but also be nice because it's the right thing to do i guess
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    From The Little Vampire (2000) to Vampire Academy (2014)
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    A to Z Jeremy Duvall : L is for #LegDay
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    "when i was a kid my parents taught me that the most important thing you could do for anyone you meet, whether they're someone who's going to be really important to you or just someone you're crossing on the street, is to be kind. you're going to screw up and do little things you don't mean to do that hurt people's feelings, and you can't always prevent that because sometimes you won't even know you did it, but you can do good things deliberately and hope it balances." - jeremy duvall
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    @jeremy_duvall: living that pool life ✌ [x]
    I'm so pleased he's posting on insta again! He's looking very fit, isn't he?
    i like that whenever he goes MIA for weeks he always comes back to us without his shirt on
    pretty sure he spends most of his time without his shirt on
    am i the only one who gets worried when he disappears for a long time? :/ some mornings i wake up and check his account and i worry he'll have deleted it for good without telling us why... i don't know what i would do if that happened because sometimes seeing him and knowing he might be reading my comments is the only thing that gets me through the day
    uhh u ok?
    i'm more worried about who those skanks in the background are tbh